ISI-PROTECT – Removable and transparent protection of the water line of the pool.


ISI-PROTECT is a removable adhesive film that protects the water line of various chemical agents of the pool and its environment. Simply setting on the water line of your pool, it can significantly reduce the maintenance cost.

Usually done with aggressive chemicals, maintenance is now natural and effortless.


Easy to clean, ISI-PROTECT is designed to be unstuck and replaced every year. It becomes indispensable in periods of passive and active winterizing.


Transparent, entirely invisible, the water line is always clean.

Developed and manufactured by ABPool, ISI-PROTECT is a new innovation in the area of swimming pool maintenance solutions.

ISI-PROTECT is a patented device aimed at protecting a water line of a swimming pool throughout the season. ISI-PROTECT is a transparent adhesive film that will protect the water line of the pool. It is easily removable which allows you to replace it at the beginning of the season in order to obtain a perfect water line at all times.

Starter kit aimed to facilitate the installation of the removable film ISI-PROTECT.

Starter kit includes: sprayer, application liquid, squeegee, isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloth.

ISI-POTECT film is available in the length of 19.25 or 31 metres.

Designed for swimming pool liners (reinforced PVC and polyester liners)