ISI-LEVEL – Adjusting Pool Level System

Developed and manufactured by ABPool, ISI-LEVEL is a new innovation in construction solutions for overflow pools and mirror pools.

Initially designed to equip the mirror pools of the brand “ISI-MIRROR”, the adjustment system ISI-LEVEL is now available for all overflow or mirror pools.

ISI-LEVEL is a patented device, which allows to easily adjusting the level of upper part of the wall of the pool for an overflow pool or for a mirror pool during the construction or the renovation of the pool.

Adjustment of the water line of an overflow pool is always a delicate operation. The total variation of the overflow level must be very small. It must not exceed a few millimeters. Otherwise, the water will not flow over the total length of the overflow.


• System that gives you a perfect water line
• Anodized aluminium section increases resistance to corrosion and wear
• Simple installation
• Adjustment with a simple hexagon key
• Stay invisible under the pool coating
• To be used on overflow or mirror pools


• On concrete pool
• On polystyrene structure pool
• On permanent formwork


• Delivered with screws and dowels
• Low price per ml
• Cost-effective due to time saving
• Angle blocks cut in the factory


Made of anodised aluminium, ISI-LEVEL is a system that makes it easy to obtain a perfect water level.


ISI-LEVEL is a simple solution that allows you to avoid having parts of not overflowing and thus that help you to satisfy your obligation to achieve results.


When the ISI-LEVEL bar is covered by reinforced PVC or a coping, it becomes impossible to distinguish its presence.

Install of the ISI-LEVEL system

ISI-LEVEL is an anodized aluminium adjusted profile of 2.5m length. It can be installed on a pool ISI-MIRROR and on another overflow pool or a mirror pool with the exception of curved shapes.


Easy installation requires attach the front of the profile to the top of the pool wall with the provided screws and dowels.

Adjustment is carried out by specific screw that moves up or down the upper part of the ISI-LEVEL profile. Screw and unscrew of the profile allow you adjust more than 10 mm.

Once the level of the top of the pool wall is adjusted, simply seal the adjusting screws with silicone.
The design of the ISI-LEVEL profile automatically creates a slight slope between the highest point of the system and the lowest point. As a result, the overflow stop is always definite and straight.