ISI-EXTRACT – Motor extractor for automatic pool shutters

  • Easily extract a motor from an axis even with limescale
  • Motor extraction takes a few minutes
  • Prevents axle damage during motor removal
  • Only one technician is enough to carry out this operation
  • Looks professional in front of the client
  • Suitable for all types of axes
  • Accepts all types of roller shutter motors
  • Supplied in the rigid carrying case
  • Easy to draw up an estimate without surprise of setbacks
  • Amortized on two interventions thanks to the saving of time

You are faced with the problem of motor extraction during a breakdown of automatic swimming pool shutter? The company ABPOOL offers you the ISI-EXTRACT solution.

Patented device ISI-EXTRACT, makes it easy to extract the motor from all types of automatic pool shutters.

Fix the ISI-EXTRACT system, pull without forcing and the defective motor can be replaced.

Allow a few minutes for a motor extraction for hours of complications without ISI-EXTRACT.